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About Us

A Message From Our President

We strive to improve life for communities in need!

I believe that true change happens when a group of people come together with a shared vision of utilizing their combined skills and resources to make life better for another group of individuals.


With that desire, I guide PHEO to create an environment that is structured for teaming together to solve social and economic problems. We’re all looking to make a difference in our world and I believe that by focusing on communities, utilizing socially-minded business models and building economic sustainability, we’re going to make the most substantial long-term impact. The world is made up of these important social connections, and if you foster them positively, we can build friendships and partnerships today, that creates the sustainable changes for tomorrow.

Julius Jackson

PHEO is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit company, created by Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, it's Pastor at the time, Frederick Demps and community leaders. It's unique strength lies in the utilization of for-profit strategies to accomplish its mission, vision and objectives, while staying within the boundaries of the non-profit guidelines.  The board of directors are predominantly comprised of business people who have a passion for economic development for indigenous Africans, the  Diaspora communities here in the U.S and globally.  The company copies and utilizes many of the tools and strategies exemplified by fortune 500 companies to meet its overall objectives.  

The company has and intends to continue to expand on relationships and Joint Ventures developed with for-profit companies and individuals without access to capital for innovative projects, inventions and ideas that reduce poverty.  The company has a uniquely qualified board with relationships with highly qualified companies who are passionate about its mission.  The company has historically acquired and continues to pursue the acquisition of natural resource assets within African countries for the purpose of generating revenue to produce profit, as well as, sustainable social impact projects in Africa, the United States and globally.  The Build Act, a new program of the United States government with an allocation of 60-billion-dollars, will be sought to provide additional resources for PHEO’s mission.

PHEO and its sister for-profit company, Social Investment Holdings, Inc. (SIH) identifies potential social impact investors interested in a modest financial return, while concurrently expecting to create clean water, poverty reduction, improvement in health and education and profit.  Currently, the company has signed a joint venture agreement with SIH, which is raising capital by utilizing Reg A+ Tier II SEC tools.  The company will also engage a prominent well known multinational accounting firm to ensure governance, including finance and project management. The use of such a highly credible accounting firm is welcomed for maximum transparency and extended comfort to the board, partners and investors.

The company plans to use its existing contacts, and the contacts of its partners, to generate at least an initial five million dollars in project funding. The company will rely on its established alliances, government relationships, and a comprehensive marketing program to expand services, acquire additional assets and attract additional capital.

PHEO is currently seeking funding from existing equity in a property located in an opportunity zone that also has approval for an assisted living facility, suited for a HUD 232 loan.  The revenue generated through the use of equity of the primary founders, will be used to retire the debt and expand the ability to deliver on the mission of Calvary Missionary Baptist Church, PHEO and its sister company, Social Investment Holdings, Inc.

Meet The Team

We are so excited about the team we have assembled here at PHEO, we would love for you to be able to get to know us a little better. Click on the button below to read more about who we are individually.
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