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Current Projects


Sachia Trophy 2.jpg

Sachia Vickery

PHEO's first sponsorship is of a talented, up and coming sports figure, Sachia Vickery. PHEO arranges sponsorships for talented kids and young adults in sports, music and the arts. We believe that these rising stars are the mentors for the youth of tomorrow!

Timber Project


PHEO develops sustainable projects like its Forest Concession in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa, which is focused on harvesting timber in the Mai-Ndombe Oshwe District of the DRC. PHEO, teaming with for profit enterprises, will use investment and financing strategies, backed by the assets of PHEO to maximize economic development and contribute significantly to the growth of the middle class in Africa and within the Diaspora.

Charter School


In August 2013, PHEO and Calvary, secured a permanent affordable mortgage that allows PHEO to establish a Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics and Aviation (STEAMA) charter school. PHEO will establish this (STEAMA) charter school, beginning at the fourth grade level and ending at twelfth grade completion, where at least one third of each new class will be Indigenous Africans and one third Brazilian and or South American.

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