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How To Get Involved

We are so glad that you want to help! People Helping Each Other can’t do this alone!

Here are the ways you can get involved:

Join the Club: Here is an easy one that anyone can do! You can help just by opening a bank account with TD Bank. If you open an account for at least $100 at TD bank, and give them PHEO’s participation number, ACH37, you become a member of the PHEON club with PHEO and a customer of TD Bank.  If the account remains in good standing for a year, PHEO will receive $50 for its community development program. Our nationwide goal for this club is 200,000 members. 


Tax Deductible: You can make two types of tax deductible donations to PHEO, a general donation or to a donor advised fund that you create.  You make the donation today, and later instruct PHEO on projects that can be funded from the funds you donated. For a general donation, please use the Donation button at the bottom of this page or go to our Facebook Page!

Purchase Bonds: If you would prefer an option with returns, you can purchase Bonds. With Bonds, you are presented with a prospectus on a bond sale for economic development activities, issued by PHEO, with an interest rate of 5-7% for a specified period of time.  PHEO will use the bond proceeds to generate unrelated business income for business development, and operations where we can create stronger, sustainable communities.

Investments and Loans: You can make a direct investment into one of our partnership companies as an equity owner, or make a loan to these businesses with a potential for a negotiated return. If you are interested in this strategy, you will be presented with a portfolio of businesses majority owned by PHEO, but with the minority owners having the expertise to execute on the business strategy.  You can also choose an equity investment in a private equity fund owned by PHEO, Neighborhood Lending Partners, Center 4 Social Change and other non-profits. You can ultimately exit the business or the private equity fund through an offering, or other negotiated, mutually beneficial, exit strategies.

Money Management Service: You can even help by engaging a money management company to manage your cash, with FDIC protection, at no cost to you. This money management company, who currently supports over two hundred charities around the USA, will provide PHEO with a contribution.

Be Apart of The Team: Ask us how your business can be part of the PHEO portfolio of businesses that are working together to create stronger community’s.


We need your support and look forward to having you as part of the PHEO family!

Come Join Us

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